Trends in Small Business Sustainability

From the youth climate strikes, to the Green New Deal, to the preparations for the United Nations’ Climate Summit in September, there is no debating that “Climate Action” has made its way into all sectors and industries — including large and small businesses alike.

Hashtags That May #SaveOurPlanet

Hashtags have became an essential aspect of social media, dynamically shifting the way we communicate by grouping conversations by topic rather than by user. Here are three examples of how they are igniting conservation and environmental awareness amongst the public.

Lessons Learned: Conference Social Media

Social media is crucial to making your conference run smoothly and efficiently. While large sustainability events can bring together crowds with intent, having your social media platforms actively involved can further connect the audience to the presenters and to other attendees in the room. We share tips from experience.

How Can The U.S. Best Prioritize Climate Action in 2019?

With a ticking down clock weighing heavy on our shoulders, the U.S. needs to prioritize its efforts so that it can not only reduce the amount of greenhouse gases it is emitting, but also begin to remove those gases from the atmosphere. Looking ahead into 2019, Climate Social sees these steps as top priorities for U.S. policy makers, civil society, and the private sector.