Social Media Checklist: How Many of These Are You Doing?

These days, sustainability and social media go hand-in-hand. 

If you’re saving energy, greening your supply chain, recycling end-use products, or building employee engagement initiatives, chances are that you want to let your customers and prospects know. Be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest, there’s a strategy out there that’ll fit your company’s need to communicate your sustainability successes. 

Not only can social media serve as a platform to share your news, but also it can provide your company with a transparent means of engaging in two-way conversations with clients. They may have questions or comments about your ingenuities, so now you’ll be prepared to answer swiftly and deftly. 

Both social media and sustainability are trendy bandwagons that most individuals and companies feel compelled to jump on now. And they’re not going to vanish anytime soon. Every second, two new members join LinkedIn. Imagine how many potential customers are out there. 

And most important to your bottom line, when it comes to social media, your “followers” are there for a reason. Three- quarters of customers rely on social media to influence their purchasing decisions. They’re not only interested in what your company is selling, but what you’re doing behind the scenes. By using your social media channels to your advantage, you can clearly share information on your efforts to address social, environmental, and financial sustainability. 

Here are 10 suggestions to consider for getting the best results on social media through your company profiles or your own!


• Ensure your company profile is complete, accurate, and encompasses the best of your company’s sustainability agenda. Encourage all employees to link their profiles to it.

• Share company sustainability news and updates periodically - both on the business page and your own. Your supporters will be able to “like” and comment on these updates as they see them. Algorithms will push content with engagement in front of even more platform users!

• Use your personal account to post questions within LinkedIn groups. Then share your own business best practices and policies with the group's members.


• Craft your sustainability story into informative statements, intriguing images, or moving gifs that others will retweet. With the 280-character limit, often more is less!

• Tweets with photos garner more engagement! Size them to “wide”, long rectangular image proportions that fit perfectly into the tweet.

• Always use Twitter hashtags that will solicit traffic you want. For example: #EmployeeEngagement. You can find a list of common hashtags for all things green here.

• Discover Twitter Chats and get into the conversation. These are a great way to learn and network with others around a specific topic. 


• Own a company page. Encourage your employees to “like” it and actively contribute to the community posts. Include the full address of your business so it’s more readily searchable and traceable on Facebook.

• Compose short, thought-worthy pieces about your sustainability program, and include real-life photographs of your operations. Highlight your employees’ actions – recognize their efforts at recycling, carpooling, turning off their monitors, etc. 

• Utilize the small but mighty “call to action” button on the Facebook company page with a prompt such as “Contact Us” or “Book Now”!

Let the world know what you’re doing, seek advice, build relationships, and be transparent. Make use of the platforms above as well as Instagram, Snapchat, or Pinterest. Each business has its own needs and place to develop the right community.

Have you established your own creative approaches to spread the word about your moves towards sustainability? Tell us about them by leaving a comment on our homepage! 

 Article originally published on  LinkedIn.  

Article originally published on LinkedIn.