How to Launch a Sustainability Social Media Campaign (Part 1)

In the absence of mainstream news coverage about climate change (or downright false claims about it), social media campaigns inform readers and spark dialogue about environmental challenges and opportunities.

Joining the social media momentum for sustainability can also create widespread awareness of your organization, as more than half of U.S. adults now get their news through platforms like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter. Because these public platforms allow users to share opinions and commentary, they empower people to take an active role in mobilizing on environmental issues and to communicate with influencers.

But not every social media platform serves the same purpose or reaches the same audience. Twitter, with its 280-character limit (recently raised from 140), highlights statistics and quotes, and hashtags make it easy to search who is talking about particular campaigns. Facebook allows longer-form posts with ample room for readers to comment, and LinkedIn lets you post blogs and connect with millions of professionals.

Our second post in this series provides a few quick guidelines to help you create svelte and savvy posts that will launch you into the sustainability stratosphere! 

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