Three Ways to Engage your Employees in Climate Action through Social Media

A business is defined by the people who run it, day in and day out. If your business has an agenda focused on climate action but your employees aren’t actively engaged, how much impact is your company truly creating?

Employees who believe in and support the mission of their employer are assumedly happy to work there, but they aren’t always presented with clear pathways for expressing themselves regarding the work they do.

Here are three tips on how to get your employees involved and excited about embracing your company’s goals for climate action through social media.

Expand Your Events

It can often feel like our personal social media accounts must remain separate from our work life — but more and more companies are encouraging employees to tweet, post a LinkedIn picture, or stream a Facebook Live video from work events and industry conferences. Promote the hashtag and get your staff excited to share that they are representing a company that is working on environmental, social, or economic issues for good. Maybe run an internal social media contest around the event to amplify the opportunity! By posting about work life, employees can demonstrate to their external networks that corporate citizenship is a top issue for their employer, and that their job is more purposeful than just any 9-5 gig. In the end, it’s great PR for you, too.

Take a Poll

It is possible to tie together employee insights with company messaging. Here’s an idea: have your employees submit their ideas for new green office projects, or for new nonprofits to support with volunteer time, through social media. Gather their thoughts and present them to your social followers for the final decision! This contest idea can engage not only your team, but stakeholders and fans, too. Think about how this poll will have double the impact when your staff shares your decision-declaring company posts on their networks, too. Social media is all about relationship-building and its positive impacts can multiply with the right approach.

Give Them the Pen

Many office jobs can feel tedious and lack an outlet for creativity. What better way to get employees more engaged than by giving them a chance to write a company blog post! Encouraging team members to express themselves through writing gives them a chance to research or think deeply about your company’s sustainability goals, while fueling their passion for your mission. It also gives them a meaningful deliverable, and ultimately the satisfaction to share their work through their own social media networks.

How to Start?

Your staff may want to boast about the great work your company is doing, but they could be unsure of the best way to share or how to make the biggest impact. Why not draft a few shareable tweets or LinkedIn posts to include in your next internal memo? Better yet, let Climate Social help you out! We provide services in social media training for teams and for executive leaders.

Engaging your employees on your purpose can be tough, but social media gives you a set of tools for activation. Whether it be sharing their learning experiences from a conference, having fun with an online vote, or setting the stage for creative writing, your employees will feel more involved and your company will benefit from extra exposure. For help getting your ideas off the ground, write to Climate Social today.