Social media has the power to spark a broader conversation and change the world.

Digital movements like #MeToo and #BreakFreeFromPlastic have evolved from powerful online campaigns to real world policy change. Amazingly, 91% of retail brands and impact organizations use social media regularly to communicate with their audience, and that number only continues to grow.

In order to stand out from the noise, we believe that communicating with your audience on a regular, personalized basis is key -- and we can show you how.


Let us craft your perfect strategy to increase connectivity, conversation, and community. With the right blend of timeliness and tone, we put you on the path to reaching new eyes and building valuable relationships.



Social Media Management

We believe that social media is done best when a real human being is behind it, not an automated scheduling app. We research, write, live post, and interact in real-time with your target audience in the most optimal ways to build genuine interest in your work.

Marketing Campaigns

Whether you’re launching a one-time crowdfunding campaign or a year-long organizational marketing effort that takes many hands, we will help you strategize and execute so you come out on top of the competition.

Interactive Events

Twitter Chats, Facebook Live, and Instagram Live are a great way to increase audience engagement using live events involving subject experts and a moderator. We'll guide you through the process while helping you improve your reputation and gain more followers.

social content



From concept to inbox, we create and deliver targeted email content that’s guided by analytics to your most activated audience.


We distill your message into creative, engaging content to grow your audience and position you as a thought leader.   


We craft website content that speaks to your audience, grabs their attention and authentically tells your story.



Executive Coaching

It's important to be recognized as a leader in your circles while advancing your mission and public image online. We'll help you personalize your own brand to build your ideal network and humanize your voice of authority.

Social Media Training

Could your career benefit from better utilizing LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, or other networking platforms? We specialize in tailored social media training for those who wish to develop their own skills. Think of it as personalized 1:1 tutoring!

Conference Publicity

We work with industry-leading event organizers to promote upcoming happenings, create streams of live on-the-ground coverage, and provide extended value as social media influencers.


Climate Social grew out of my lifelong interests in the art of interpersonal relations and protecting our natural environment. Through my work, I’m fortunate to be able to do both! After graduating from Mizzou and Penn, and working with the leaders at Sustainable Brands and TriplePundit, I was determined to start my own business in this niche space in 2015.

In 2019, my growing team now strategizes and executes on project-based campaigns, blog content creation, website consulting, social media skills training, newsletter publications, and more.

We are connected around the clock with changemakers in America and around the world. Whether it’s individualized consultation or supporting an organization-wide marketing effort, Climate Social helps our clients best tell their story and further their mission to make our world a better place.

If you’re also an impact-driven entrepreneur or curious about how Climate Social can support your business goals, please send me a message or connect on LinkedIn to learn more about our work, clients, and philosophy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

~ Marissa Rosen, Founder

Who We Work With

From media companies, to startups, to social entrepreneurs, and more… OUR Clients are as versatile as they are impactful. 


What Our Clients Say

Marissa is a social media rock star - she’s incredibly detail-oriented, enthusiastic, hard working and has excellent follow-through. She also maintains a deep knowledge of the numerous programs that make up the social media landscape - a difficult task! I’d happily recommend her to anyone.
— Jennifer Boynton; VP of Member Engagement, 3BL Media
Climate Social not only understands social media, they understand social media in our content space. This content awareness results in the highest-value social media strategy... With Climate Social, in less than a year, we have more than tripled our followers.
— Lindsey Samahon; Director of Communications, Kleinman Center for Energy Policy at the University of Pennsylvania
Marissa and Climate Social offer more beyond just the fundamental components related to social media content development and publishing, followers acquisition, etc. She’s been quick to develop the expertise and network understanding needed to execute on our goals, adds dynamic value by having a great pulse on “who’s who” and “who’s doing what”, and is dependable to deliver on her responsibilities.
— Stephen Donofrio; Founder, Greenpoint Innovations
Aside from being a pleasure to work with, Climate Social has a knowledge of social media and the sustainability landscape that is second to none. Marissa has the rare ability to look tactically and strategically to help meet her goals and the goals of her clients.
— Frank Macinsky; Director of Marketing, Thread International
Her work with the Department of Energy EEB Hub in Philadelphia demonstrated a willingness to take on challenges and explore cutting-edge research in energy efficiency and advocacy. I have no doubt that Marissa would make a significant contribution to any enterprise or company.
— Dan Garofalo; Director of Sustainability, The University of Pennsylvania
It’s a joy to work with someone who is at once passionate about sustainable business and technically adept at the daily challenge of keeping a sustainable brand fresh, vital, and engaged with key issues and influential voices. Marissa is a rock star and I value her contributions immensely.
— Chet Van Wert; Founder, Sustainable Business Partners