We know that you’re dead set on improving our world, and that’s why we want to work with you! The team at Climate Social is mission-driven. Our combination of technical expertise, formal education in environmental sustainability and social impact, and years of work experience combine to provide you with the level of service you won’t find elsewhere.


Social Media

Platform Management

We believe that social media is done best when a human being is behind it, not just a scheduling app. Whether you’re a start-up or Fortune 500, we’ll research your content, post, and interact in real-time with your stakeholders to build mutually-beneficial relationships — and lifelong customers.

Marketing Campaigns

If you’re launching a short-lived crowdfunding campaign or a year-long project, we will help you effectively strategize and execute. We’ve successfully partnered with businesses, nonprofits, and academic institutions across a variety of industries!

Interactive Events

Twitter Chats, FB Live, and IG Stories increase audience engagement by sharing knowledge from subject matter experts and a moderator. We'll guide you through the process to help you increase your reputation and gain more followers.


Marketing & Writing

Newsletters & Blogs

From concept to inbox, we create and deliver targeted email content that’s guided by analytics to your most activated audience. We distill your message into creative, engaging content to grow your audience and position you as a thought leader.   

Website Content

We craft compelling pages that speak to your audience, grabbing their attention and authentically explaining your purpose. What do you most want to be known for?

You Name It!

Do you have a unique project in mind? We’ll craft a solution!


Leadership & Events

Executive Services

You need to be recognized as a leader in your circles, while advancing your mission and public image. But where’s the time? We'll help you develop your pedestal, build your circle of influence, and humanize your voice of authority.

Social Media Training

Could your career benefit from better utilizing LinkedIn or Twitter? Develop your own skills through our social media training programs: think of it as 1:1 tutoring. We offer group lessons, too.

Conference Publicity

We work with industry-leading event organizers to nurture sponsorship leads, promote meetings, generate on-the-ground media opportunities, and provide extended value through social media services and influencer partnerships.